Baby Boutique

For young women and men who have chosen to raise their babies despite hardship, we have a Baby Boutique that is available to all of our clients once every three months.  All of the items in the boutique have been donated to us and are completely free to our clients.  The Boutique offers clothing sizes Newborn through 4 Toddler.  Also available are diapers, wipes, shampoo, baby wash, baby food, formula, strollers, pack n plays, and  anything else baby you can think of.

We are constantly seeking donations of all baby items.  People clean out when their babies get older, some of our donors go to yard sales for us, and some of our clients bring back items when they are finished with them.  Working together, needs are met for all the babies who visit our centers.

Here's what we need:

Diapers, Newborn to Size 6, Wipes, Baby Food, Shampoo, Baby Wash, Formula, Bottles, Clothing Size Newborn to 4 Toddler, Walkers, Strollers, Pack N Plays, Breast Pumps, Carriers, Boppy Pillows, Baby Blankets, Bassinettes, Sheets, Baby Seats, High Chairs, just to name a few things.